Saturday, June 20, 2009

Death and the dream chasers

Sofala, in the Turon River valley, grew after Edward Hargraves discovered gold in February, 1851 with the Royal Hotel being built that same year. However, with other - more lucrative - finds nearby, come 1855 Sofala was in decline. By 1871 the population of the town was 644. Nowadays, its main claim to fame is the 1948 painting by Russell Drysdale.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Just double checked to see that I had picked up the Sofala Royal ... I have. Interesting that you chose the cemetery, I can't remember even seeing it. I did a photographers tour of Sofala with Jo and Pete some years ago, before the photoblogging bug started.

You put together such wonderful collages. I like to do trios, but haven't done any for quite a while.

Julie said...

The cemetery was in the grounds of a very delapidated Anglican church - fibro and timber - up a small rise at the furthest eastern section of the village. We sat up there and ate the rest of our brie and coffee. Incongruous, I guess.