Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decaying beautifully


Joan Elizabeth said...

I had forgotten you were posting here so what a delight wander up and down this photo feast tonight.

The top pic here looks like it belongs under the sea, wonderful.

I also adore the railway to nowhere. You have found so much more detail that I have done in these places. What a pleasure to see them through your eye.

Julie said...

Thank you, JE. However, I do not sell you that short. There were so many places where I "saw" your photographs. Your Wayfaring through this countryside has been such a joyfor me to follow.

We had a lesson on "fill flash" at the WEA this evening. That is what I feel I am to your travelogue: a highlight for some detail or other than may be just hidden that little in the shadows. Together we made a satisfyiing whole.