Monday, September 14, 2009

Comfy in the saddle

Pushing straight over the poor focus, my saddle is showing the elements, with just a hint of gizzards pushing through in one spot.

Still a long way to go to reach the dizzy heights of the charmer below which was nonchalantly propped against a wall at the Royal Cruising Yacht Club at Rushcutter's Bay.

My son-in-law has just purchased a Gary Fisher bike for $2K so, on the assumption he is not just being profligate, I will ask him about saddles and padded pants.

We will fly out on Saturday 18th September 2010 and return Saturday 9th October. Two weeks beside the canal - with hired van and bikes - and a week in Paris.


Martina said...

The real geeks swear on (or by?) the Brooks saddles - you know, the ones that ride 50km every morning before breakfast (naaa, not me!!!)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh my, and now I'm thinking of getting a mountain bike so I can ride on the tracks past the locked gates ... but I get tired just thinking about it ... my goodness $2K on a bike!

Julie said...

Yes, it induces a blush in moi, aussi!

The husband of a friend of mine does the 50K before brekkie routine, and I gather Darren (the SiL) is doing this to replace soccer which is too tough now that he is >35. He is doing some sort of ride to the Gong in November. I overheard my daughter proclaiming that if the bike were not used she would put his parenting equipment in peril!!

I will need to upgrade the bike which I think will be, say <$500. Then I will need to get a towbar and a carrier ($400 + $150). So I will be looking at about $1K.

Makes the hairs on the arm stand up and take notice, eh what?

When Peter & Irene get back from Canada next weekend, I will ask about Brooks & Greek goddess pants, Martina thank you. I have heard of the Brooks saddles ...