Saturday, September 12, 2009

Preparing to cycle le canal du midi

Hopefully, this will eventuate September/October 2010. These images were made during 2008 in the Languedoc.

I am preparing the occasional post to sort out what I need to do to prepare the ageing body for two weeks cycling tow-paths. Need to have a bicycle renovation, first!


Martina said...

But you are not going to bring your bike from the other side of the world with you???

Ah, I am sure you will be having a great time!

I hope I can go to Southern France next year too, this year was a little bit chaotic and so we are just making some short (i.e. one week) trips.

Julie said...

No no ... but I nned to get my home bike fixed to enable me to ride a couple of times per week to strengthen the calves and the bum muscles. Otherwise, I have been warned that my bum will ache so much that the gloss will come off the pleasure.

Martina said...

Yaaaah, it _does_ hurt ... ;-)

freefalling said...

Yeah - a bum renovation would be a good idea.
Shame you can't kinda shove a bit of stuffing into your buttocks ( i mean that in the nicest possible way)

Martina said...

A good point, freefalling.
I highly recommend some good biking pants - some really good ones. I own some "greek goddess" ones and they are wonderful.