Sunday, September 20, 2009

Research on a bike for toughening up the buttocks

Choice did not tell me much at all.

Have looked through Woolys Wheels.
Have looked through Clarence Street Cyclery.
Have looked through Inner City Cycles.

Clarence Street is for people who are loaded or bike-snobs. Woolys stocks Giant brand, too, but at about $200 more than Glebe.

Inner City Cycles have a rudimentary web site, but the bikes are within my range and my level of detail. They also have a bike group that meets early each Saturday.

Not sure that my travelling partner sees the need to get tough by cycling. She wants just to do more strenuous walking. I think both will be essential. More as today progresses.


Victor said...

Hi Julie, Snapper here. You asked about bikes and so I have a question for you. What is the terrain you'll be covering? I assume flat since you're riding beside canals. You don't need a lot of gears or a super lightweight bike for that. You could probably just have your current bike tuned up assuming it fits you properly and you're comfortable riding it. I'd say the most important thing to consider is your saddle, followed closely by the tires you choose. As for the saddle, there is really only one for long distances and that's Brooks.

Look at the Brooks B-17, which has been the gold standard for touring for decades. Beware of two things though: They are dear and they require breaking in before a long trip. But I'd have nothing else under my butt.

Re: tires, what you want is bombproof. The Schwalbe Marathons have a very good reputation in that regard.

Hope this helps.

Julie said...

That is sooo appreciated, Snapper. I will leave a comment at your place, too. I will go and get my quote for my existing bike and check out what the quote will be with differing spare parts.

I thank you sir. I value your opinion.

Sandra Gaspar said...

Very interesting, this shadow.
Congratulations on the blog