Friday, October 29, 2010

Beetroot - I think

Here is more detail about the beetroot that Letty queried. The first image shows the cut product, and the final image a totally uncut tray. The two smaller images show the vegetable insitu on a market stall. Now we come to the sign.

'Cuites au four' or 'cuites au fous' depending on the writing. The first I think translates as 'cooked with the furnace' and the second translates as 'cooked with the insane ones'. I guess it depends on whether one likes beetroot.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Great shots. But somehow they don't look all the edible even though I like beetroot.

Julie said...

I think it might be a bit like potatoes roasted in their jackets, where one just scoops out the steaming core.

I like beetroot, too. But mainly the baby ones that one eats whole.

Come on, summer!

freefalling said...

Ohhh - they are cooked.
I thought they were mouldy.

It almost looks like cured meat, doesn't it?