Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carcassonne - Birds-eye view

Place Carnet in the Bastide, Carcassonne (old city), on an overcast Saturday early afternoon. The market was already set up by the time I was looking out the window at 8am and by 5pm mot a skerrick of mess was left. The city council is very efficient. It was fascinating to watch it from above, although scarey as I had absolutely no confidence in the strength of the balaustrade!

It is a produce market, but also a social gathering. There was such a mixture of races. I think that Sydney is fairly mixed, but it pales in comparison to Frances. (Sorry, poor choice of word but I shall leave it there!)

Lots of babies and children, but light on for teenagers.

Embiggen photo 6 - it will take your breath away!


The girl of many sorts. said...

Hi girl:)
Gorgeous photos:)

You really know what you are doing...

From Norway - have a great day - SP

Andrew said...

Embiggen, snort. I can only see Roma looking tomatoes.

Julie said...

Waddya mean, 'snort'??

Um ... 6 ... not 4 ... I just mean the angle of the view .. maybe I just have memories of hanging over the balcony hoping like shit the whole thing was not gonna give way.

freefalling said...

Love these photos.
I love to big them up and look at all the tiny details.
It's like a Where's Wally.

Not that this looks anything like a slum but did you see Kevin McCloud's Slumming It on the tele?
It was fascinating.
You can see it on abc iview if you are interested.

Julie said...

Yeah, Where's Wally is spot on. My head sees detail most of the time.

I saw ads for that, last night, yes? I will go have a squizz. My son reckons I have to watch the 4 corners on the formation of govt that was on while I was away. He snorted at Abbott ... really snorted. Reckoned I would like it too.

Golly have to watch two things from tele here on my 'puter.