Sunday, March 6, 2011

LHI - our guides

The trip to Lord Howe was for 5 days of birdwatching. There were 5 of us together with two guides, one from Sydney the other from the island. We jam-packed a lot into our time there, and I would have happily paid for another night to enable us to have two free afternoons. Generally, we did three things per day. I am just happy that the 9pm sessions with torches did not eventuate. I would so easily go back, just with one other or by myself, and take my time expending quite that much effort.

The tour was organised by Janelle from 'Follow that Bird' which is based in Avalon on he northern beaches of Sydney. She organises all sorts of tours throughout the year, some are one day drives in her bus from Sydney. She set up the 'lists' which were our aim.

Our guide on LHI was the remarkable Ian Hutton who went to the island in the 1980s as a meteorologist and they have not been able to get rid of him since. He writes books, leads tours, and is involved with researchers around the world. Helicopters drop him on top of mountains to do palm counts. He nips off into the bush to check his rat traps. That sort of thing.


Pat Tillett said...

Love that fist photo. It looks your group is off an an expedition!

Julie said...

We were indeed, Pat. One of my favourite shots is a line of walkers like this. Seems to include such fine possibilities. On this occasion, we were walking along beside the lagoon, out to Little Island to watch the Red-tailed Tropicbirds swoop down the sheer cliffs of Mount Gower. Peaceful bliss!

freefalling said...

Just look at where you are in that first shot.
It reminds me of Banks and his collections (??!)