Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entries and exits

Amazing how fascinated photographers are with windows and doors the ways in which they are "treated" in differing countries and in differing ages. Being from a country relatively new to European culture, I am drawn toward old windows and old doors. For me it is often the enter/leave conundrum rather than the physical fact of the door. I guess it is also that this is the way air and light comes into buildings: both of these in their literal and allegorical meanings.
Top: The alter window for St Martin's in the Field, Trafalgar Square.
Centre left: One of the windows in the Painted Hall of the Greenwich Hospital of the Od Royal Naval College, Greenwich.
Centre right: Westminster School, fronting onto Dean's Yard - Southern quadrant
Bottom: Westminster School, fronting onto Dean's Yard - close to the exit from Dean's Yard

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