Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventurous architecture

Top left: Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Top right: Looking past Lloyds of London to 30 St Mary Axe aka The Gherkin
Bottom left: Old Covent Garden markets, 1500s - 1974
Bottom right: London Stock Exchange, Paternoster Square, near St Paul's


Ann said...

Interesting angles. This is what I want to start doing with my urban travel shots, look for those different perspectives.

Julie said...

You simply train your eye down to detail. I shouldn't say "simply" as it is a tough job but can be done over the duration of a 2 hour shoot. You will be amazed with what you return from Africa with. A friend of mine recently spend 12 months on Zanzibar and trotted out her 20 favourites which she'd had printed up. Quite outstanding ... she is 25. All quite detailed shots ... nothing P&S at all ...