Thursday, July 30, 2009

Provincial windows (1)

Top left: a private residence in Arles
Top right: Saint Trophime Cloister in Arles
Middle left: Private chapel of the Duchy Uzes in grounds of castle
Middle right: Private residence in Uzes closed during the mid day
Lower left: Crevice in the tower leading up to the top of the Duchy castle
Lower right: Looking down into Les Baux from the ruins of the fortress


Joan Elizabeth said...

An interesting mix of images ... I've come back to it a few times to decide whether I like the sepia-grey mix or not ... ended up with the affirmative.

Martina said...

That's what one does in Southern France: taking photos of windows.

Seems like everything I did you did before, ;-). I am sure I have some Uzes windows in my collection.

I like the b/w ...