Tuesday, July 28, 2009

View into the aesthetic of man's aspirations

1) View from Pape's Palace, Avignon
2) Saint-Trophime Cloister of Arles
3) Algueze
4) Goudargues, Langedoc
5) Saint-Trophime Cloister of Arles
6) Saint-Trophime Cloister of Arles
7) Notre Dame, Paris


freefalling said...

I can hear music when I look at these.
Admittedly, it's Italian (puccini) but I'm in the general region.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The only one I recognised was Notre Dame. I am very fond of stained glass windows, quite apart from the beauty, gives me something to look at if the sermon goes on too long :-)

Julie said...

I heard a gorgeous man play Vivaldi's Four Seasons in Saint Chappelle on Ile de la cite but did not take my camera. Duh! Will next time though. I was in tears at the beauty ...