Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Noojee - edge of the tall timbers

Noojee is on Di's regular route up to the snowfields of Mt Buller, so she was interested to experience the area in summer. The day delivered its promised rain in scuds rather than squalls, and hindered neither driving nor exploring. Starting with Neerim North (which was eerily like Yarra Glenn which we visited two weeks before Black Saturday 2009) we wound our way through the pasture lands, stopping at the trout farm watching families experience the "natural" world. After a quick chat with the owner, Di discovered that he established the farm in 1972 - apparently eons away in real time, but not in mine!

After a quick snack of blue cheese, crackers, quince paste and prociutto on the tables beneath the trestle bridge, we clambered up and over the 21 metre high bridge, the only remaining of seven bridges constructed for hauling timber in 1919 that were burnt out by the 1939 Bushfires. This one was reconstructed in the first half of 1939 and finally was without a role when the rail line closed in 1954.

Stopping mid drive for a Frosty Fruit, we turned southwards towards the farm of Diane's cousin outside Bena where we were anticipated for the evening. Warragul on a Saturday afternoon is, shall we say, quiet, but the drive through the rolling hills was a delight especially seeing first hand how productive this part of the state of Victoria is.

NB: Through this entire trip, I suffered withdrawal symptoms from lending my 55-250 lens to Kirsten for her trip to Vail. These were all taken with the standard 18-55 lens, which was an exercise in itself.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I wondered what sort of wierd crop seemed to need irrigation channels very few metres ... then discovered was a trout farm ... never seen anything like it. As for the bridge, I've never seen anything like that either. I'd dedicate a couple of posts just to the bridge it's wonderful.

Martina said...

The structures in the first photo look like what asparagus fields around here look like - I had to read twice and read Joan Elizabeth's comment as well to get that this is the trout farm, ;-).

Julie said...

Decisions, decisions!

I have (as you may guess) quite a few images of the trestle bridge. I want to transform one into my monochrome post for Sunday.

I will see what gells this evening with the others.

freefalling said...

That's positively lush!!
The bridge is pretty cool, isn't it?
I like the shot with the little track next to it.