Friday, February 5, 2010

Noojee - hauling the timbers

The story so far ... built 1919, burnt down to 5' stumps by the reknown 1939 fires, rebuilt nearly immediately before the railway closed in 1954. Known as No. 7 ...

The bridge was originally designed to carry the weight of an N class steam locomotive, with the smaller J & K classes also using the line. When the line was beng dismantled, the Buln Buln Shire Council puchased the bridge from VicRail for one pound to enable it to be preserved.

The main piles are Grey Box and Yellow Box with Red Gum, and White and Yellow Stringybark being used for the cross-members. This bridge is classified by the National Trust.

The original piles were driven, but, on rebuilding, the new piles were butted and splced to the stumps of the originals. If you enlarge some of the images, you can see lengths of rusting metal bolted towards the lower portions of the piles. These are in an advanced state of deterioration and the government is devising methods of funding its restoration. Sounds like a case for a "giant, big, new tax".

Length 102 metres
Radius of curve 604 m
Maximun height 21 m
Spans 5 at 4.5 m and 13 at 6.1 m


Joan Elizabeth said...

Thank you thank you ... just the type of detail I wanted to see. I'd love to see it myself.

Beth Niquette said...

These photos are so wonderful. They remind me of times past in my own country.

If ever Clytie and I end up visiting your beautiful country, we will surely let you know.

It is a dream of mine.

Thank you for sharing these marvelous pictures and your stories.

Victoria said...

This is so beautiful, as are all your other photos. Thanks for brightening my day!

Julie said...

Thank you, Beth and Victoria. I do see all the comments on older posts and appreciate you interest and your visit. It please me that you like the photographs from around my country.