Saturday, August 14, 2010

Telegraph Point, Mid-north Coast NSW

Barry lives about 45 minutes from either Wauchope or Port and there is about 20 kms between those two towns. Telegraph Point is mid-way between them. Situated on the banks of the Wilson River - a tributary of the Hastings, these shots were taken on the northern side of the old punt connection.

It is neither a wealthy nor a thriving hamlet, but it does have Barry's church of choice, St Bernard's which is an outreach of the massive St Agnes in the centre of Port. Barry is well known by the parishioners, and even knows the code for after hours entry. I went along to Sunday Mass which is celebrated on Thursday night and he introduced me to the upwards of 50 fellow travellers.

The original St Bernards was burnt to the ground in 1993. For me, the old building looks much nicer but I am not a believer as Barry is. However, I do believe that this is a warm family for my brother, who remember his birthday, chat to him on the street in both Wauchope and Port, and have invited him into their homes for over 15 years to celebrate Christmas.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I read this post this morning and thought of the warmth of my church family. The love of Christ does spill over through his people.

sweatha said...

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Evelyn said...

I love the first 3 shots - the place is full of character!

Gary Orona said...

I just loved these photos! Even just looking at them, it's like they have a story to tell.