Monday, December 26, 2011

Wauchope - Fuels & Oils

When I visit my brother, Barry, in the nursing home, I usually only stay for about an hour. Any more is very wearing for both of us. I then go for a meander for two hours, and come back for another hour visit. I do this on consecutive days.

So, I was meandering, sans map, and found this little gem on the quiet end of Hastings Street. It is a store like this that pulls a city slicker up with a thud! It is a petrol station. It is a garage. But it is more. It is one of the essential types of small business that are the life blood of a country town: the stock and station agent; the grain store; the saddler; the veterinarian. They do things differently on the land.

Look at that facade. Reminds me of the drawings of houses that 5 year olds come up with - a bit face-like. For some reason, this store-front reminds me of that old film by Peter Bogdanovich called 'The Last Picture Show'. Can't think why. Something lurking in the deep recesses of my poor brain. Which reminds me, and the link is tenuous: I saw "The Iron Lady' over the break. Streep is remarkable, and it annoys me that Margaret & David said she was 'impersonating' Thatcher. What else does an actor do, but impersonate? But, there was something that gnawed at my poor old brain again. I tend to think the script was inadequate. Does that sound like I'm up myself?

Streep was excellent, as was Broadbent. As were the pair of young actors who played (impersonated) young Maggie and Denis. And I did not pick up that it was biased, either to the right or to the left. But it was nearly all from the perspective of the demented 85 y.o. Thatcher. And I am not sure how accurate that point-of-view can be. How can anyone be sure what is going through the mind of someone with dementia? I think I kept on wanting it to get on with the bloody story. Let's have some barricades, and blood on the streets. Well, there were the two bombings ...

Nothing to do with Wauchope ... but ... it came into my head ... early signs ... perhaps?


Joan Elizabeth said...

This is a less common configuration with the bowers at the side of the building. I agree about the face like facades ... I think I titled one of my posts of buildings like this as 'blank faces'.

We are going to see Iron Lady this week, after our current guests depart.

Julie said...

Goodo... I would love to know what you both think ...

Ann said...

Was listening to a review of Iron Lady on the radio this morning and they said the same thing about the script. Basically that the performances were outstanding but the script could have been better.

Julie said...

Mmm ... that is interesting, Ann. I know I used the term 'script' too, but there is also something to do with the arc of the story, the story-boarding. It did not tell the story well enough. There was too much concentration on her regrets about Denis, and her listening to everything at door and bloody key-holes. I suspect Thatcher's is a story that has to be told over 12 hour long episodes, and escapes easy enscapulation into a film format. For mine here, there was not enough delving into WHY she was like she was. Why she was so bloody minded, yet could dance like an angel.

freefalling said...

Haha! Soooooo up yourself!
I haven't seen it yet but I did love Meryl in the Julia Child one.
Have you seen that Irish(?) film - The Guard - I've got it lined up to watch?

Love this old garage - reminds me of this one in Koroit.

I don't know if this is something you would be interested in, in light of the subject matter but 3 episodes in and I think I'm hooked.
It's about the mayor of Chicago who has been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.
Great writing, complex characters (who are quite despicable) and wonderful music (especially the opening credits) and you get to learn stuff too.

Kay L. Davies said...

Don't worry about early signs of dementia, Julie. You're far from it. I insisted my doctor have me tested because both my parents had Alzheimer's, and apparently I'm far from it, too.
I think you thought about seeing "Iron Lady" because you were visiting Barry in the nursing home. Nursing homes can have that effect on people.
Just last night, Dick showed me photos with a magazine story about the movie. He couldn't believe how much Meryl Streep managed to look like Maggie Thatcher. Maybe that's why the "impersonation" claim was made. Just a thought.

Julie said...

Kay: I don't think it was Barry's being in a nursing home and suffering 'brain damage' that incited me to see 'Iron Lady'. I am very much a political animal: I like to know why people turn out to be conservatives, and why people turn out to be progressives. Also, I think Streep is amazingly good in nearly every role I see her in. She does, lo0k, sound, and walk like Thatcher. I agree that when I saw Julie Christie in 'Away from Her' I was very much influenced by my father's dementia.

I know that some form of dementia is in my future. I try to ward it off by taking on more and more.

Julie said...

Letty: I did not see the Julia Chld film. Must rectify that. I am often up myself, or worry that I am. *grin*

Yep, I like that Koroit garage. Even the rusty pump out the front.

I will see if Kirsten's father can download me the first series of 'The Boss'. For Christmas he gave me the first series of a 1977 show called 'The Secret Army'. I need to schedule some ironing into the next few days. Always like killing two birds with one stone.

The topic does not put me off, at all. I have done some quick reading about DLB. It is not my affliction, but some of the symptoms are familiar and others not at all. What worries me about shows like this is that so many Americans are hypochondriacs and self-diagnosers.

I want to go and have another MRI of my brain done, but hesitate because it adds to the cost of health care. And there is little point, except that I would like to see the progression. I think I am getting bored with research and simply want clinical care. My worry about research is that they seem to do things (seem) for the sake of funding and paper-output. But I guess that is because I do not understand research methodology.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed Iron Lady. I felt the dementia added something to the story ... in that is made her 'human' and also was a vehicle for exploring her relationship with her husband. It as actually very sympathetic to her which some people may be unhappy with. Was thinking about the "impersonation" and because Maggie is still alive I guess it is impersonation.

Julie said...

Yes, I am having a rethink, the more articles I read, both for and against articles. I will go and see it again in maybe two weeks, when Kirsten is 'comfortable' again.

I was surprised how sympathetic is was to Thatcher. Well, not so much sympathetic, but, permit a double negative, it was not unsympathetic. I suppose that could be what threw me. That and the dementia lens.

Maybe dementia, in my mind, is too raw. I mean that last sentence in whichsoever way YOUR mind takes it.

Julie said...

Also, thanks for coming back and letting me know how you found it. This morning I was reading something Kirsten was working up about social media etiquette: and coming back gets a big tick.