Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decisions, decisions

I have spent a week agonising over this decision, only to come full circle.

I wanted to change this blog to one about Wauchope, because I will know the place well by the end of 2012. Then, I thought to change this blog to cover other small towns that I visit, not just in NSW, but anywhere really.

Then, my biggest and bestest brainwave: I would start a blog based on the video at the beginning of this post. This video was made in the Winter of 2008 sitting on a bench at the Milson's Point end of the harbour bridge, looking back to the opera house. My father had a number of party pieces, this was one of them. However, I counted the number of railway towns Dad mentioned, and instead of the obligatory 50, he only mentioned 38. What Bertie Witherspoon had done, was to teach his boys the towns along each track line: Main Southern, Main Northern, Main Western, South Coast Line, North Coast Line, and Broken Hill line.

However, to do the blog properly, I would need to travel to each town, get off and document the town. What if the train does not stop there amymore? It would mean that I have to stay in 50 country towns, for one or more nights. If I did one trip per month, it would take me just over 4 years.

I will mull ont it some more.


Pauleen said...

Julie, how about focusing on one line at a time...the most convenient or the route you'd like best and work on that one. Sounds like a good idea for railway heritage.

Kay L. Davies said...

I wish I were there. I'd come with you and help. I love trains, and between the two of us we'd add up to just about one whole healthy female.
Loved the video, Julie. Although I wanted to cry. I'm not sure why.

Pam said...

This was wonderful Julie. I am new to your blog and had a great time looking back through previous posts. My Dad, now in his eighties, is very similar to yours (even down to the hat)so I agree with Kay's comment above.

Dianne said...

Wow! What an amazing memory and good on Bertie Witherspoon - I wonder how many of his pupils remember the 50 railway towns - 38 is pretty good.
I can understand you mulling over the decision on whether to visit those 50 towns - a mammoth challenge Julie but think of the people you would meet - the history you would uncover - it wouldn't be just the photos but also the writing, which you love.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Sounds a bit like my 100 towns project that I am going to start on Australia Day (I think). However, I am going to dig into my archives for a while so they will not be in any way a comprehensive reportage of the town. Like you I'm still trying to figure it out.

freefalling said...

How did I know that is EXACTLY what your voice would sound like?
I've never heard you before!
It makes me feel so genuinely happy to hear it.
I dunno why - but sometimes when I hear a particular person's voice, it makes me feel emotional.
It happened once before when I listened to Ruth's podcasts of her poems.

I like Kay's comment - between the two of you - one whole healthy female!

Julie said...

oops ... sorry ... I said to turn moderation on after 2 days when I meant to say 21 days .. sorry sorry ...

Mark said...

Wow, funny this is why I think rote learning is a much underused teaching skill. I can also rattle off capital cities and times tables.
You are always welcome in South Grafton, I live 200 metres from railway station.
God bless Bertie Witherspoon ( what a great name!)
Your dad was a delightful man, god rest his soul.

diane b said...

Just wrote a big long comment and poof blogger wouldn't let me comment and poof it disappeared. lets try again.

diane b said...

What a great memory the old fella had. It was funny what they were taught in those days. I remember having to name all the rivers in NSW. Can't see the use for either however it has generated a good idea for a blog. How about you make it a blog with contributors like Joan and others who are interested and together we could visit heaps more towns than just one person.

Julie said...

Ahha ... now that is a thoughtie ... I am running on pure adrenalin right now, what with one thing and another, but I will think about this and contact you - and others - by the end of tomorrow.

Joan Elizabeth said...

You may have noticed Oz day came and went and no 100 Towns. I didn't get it figured before I went back to work and now I am too exhausted to do anything with it.

Things are not helped by the fact that I have a sprained ankles that is taking its time to heal ... drat that new bicycle.